The project is located in the South Western part of Zambia, on the banks of the spectacular Zambezi River, in the Kazungula area, 60 kilometers west of  the Victoria Falls and along the main road from Livingstone to Kasane in Botswana, the main road to Angola and Namibia – where the Four Nations meet, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Access is by way of tarred roads from the West, Namibia, from the East, Livingstone and Zimbabwe, and from the South from Botswana and also Zimbawe by ferry and by 2019 by way of a bridge currently under construction, or by air to Livingstone, then by road from Livingstone which is about 60 kms away, or by air to Kasane 20 kilometers away, across the Botswana border, then by ferry and road transport to Kazugula in Zambia.

We currently have 5 fully furnished Executive tents for self catering guests. Each tent can accommodate two people.

In addition, we will soon have a further 10 dome tents (2 persons per tent) and 10 caravan camping sites stands. All infrastructure in support of these facilities are already in place.

Further operations of our group consists of a mainland facility of 72 ha with a 1,2km waterfront access to the Zambezi, an Island in the Zambezi of 123 ha in the middle of the river facing to the North, Zambia, and to the south Zimbabwe, on the mainland a bakery and in the village a small supermarket. Several additional business opportunities are already being planned.


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